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Van Leucia Official

The Vision

A musician is more than just a face, more than just a performer. Musicians are the culmination of creative inspiration and calculation, marketing, contact bases, stage impact and the support that leads to it all to success. An aspiring musician can't hope to make it in today's world without all of these things, and without the simple action of 'getting out there'.

Van Leucia started out as a classical/jazz pianist, achieving his Licentiate Diploma in Classical Performance and playing pop/rock in high school on his guitar, but soon realised that those things couldn't possibly lead to fruitful reaping without a few certain other things.

Since then, Van has built an expansive career (and continues to aspire to that aforementioned perfect culmination) in stage performance, accompaniment, session recording, studio production, transcription/arranging and teaching. Working with musicians of all ages and experiences, he saw that at the end of the day, it was the little people who were ignored the most and suffered the hardest; backstage support, early fans and even the musicians themselves. From the moment he began advertising for recording and production packages, Van sought to acknowledge all of those involved, their task however small.

Continually expanding his database of fellow 'musos', Van Leucia welcomes all artists and musicians to his studio, whether it be to record their debut album, sign up as an on-call session musician, contribute their experiences or opinions on the latest mix or even just to have a jam. Feature tracks with his friends/fellow musos are not uncommon, and sometimes, one person just isn't enough for the job. His sources provide their specialised services in composition, arrangement, improvisation or performance to contribute to a wholly effective product.

His experience includes an expansive range of genres and repertoire, from the depths of Renaissance medieval music and chant to the far reaches of exotic European/Asian/Mediterranean/African music; and everything in between! Having performed with countless acts of every size and style imaginable, Van is never short on resources or experience, whether it be for performance, improvisation or composition.


'The progression of belief is the regression of hope, as the knowledge of reality is the denial of possibility'

An engaging young multi-instrumentalist of charismatic quality, Van was considered a child prodigy, having performed on his principal instrument, the piano, internationally and won local and state championships from the age of 6. He has also been invited to Vienna for master-classes and was awarded the Audience Prize amongst 24 other selected pianists across the world at the age of 12. Seeking experience in other areas of music, Van found a love for ensemble-work and accompaniment, and thus paved a new path in which he could use his skills in performance, improvisation and musicology.

With a penchant for ‘informed versatility’, Van has found intense interest in such exotic genres as Indian raga, Japanese/Chinese folk music and Spanish flamenco. Trained at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and undertaking a degree in Performance and Accompaniment (having been taught by such greats as Paul Rickard-Ford, Judy Bailey, Gerard Willems, Warren Thomson, Phillip Shovk and David Miller), Van found little trouble with stretching his barriers beyond that realm of solo stage performance in classical piano and guitar.

Upon finding complete satisfaction in progressive music (metal and rock being the main instigators), Van Leucia thus chose to use his experiences in classical music, jazz, flamenco and metal to harmonize them as an evolving whole.

His influences draw from Dream Theater, Liquid Tension Experiment, Opeth, Protest the Hero, Nightwish, Epica, John Mayer, Killswitch Engage, Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Paco Pena, Paco de Lucia and many others.

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Van Leucia
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