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Web Store

Recording Session (2hrs)


Need to get a short voice-over recorded? Or maybe a few takes of your song with decent equipment to show the bigwigs? Two hours should be just enough to get in, warm up, soundcheck, get a few takes done, mix it down and walk out with a product.

This is recommended for projects involving 5 or less people, where time is critical and absolute precision/sonic seperation is a possible compromise. Multitracking is not advised in a session this short, unless you REALLY know what you're doing.

Services provided:

All Access Gear Hire (every instrument, amp and piece of software will be at your disposal; yes, EVERY! Check the gearlist for a comprehensive look at what Van Leucia has in-studio)


Basic Mixing (Digital EQ/Compression, spatial placement, some analog processing)

Overtime is charged at $70/hr (if bought on sale)

Enter your name/dates of availability to book your session.

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