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Web Store

Album Recording - 7 days of 10hr sessions

$3,850.00 $5,400.00

You've got the band prepped, everybody knows their solos to every song and backing vocals have been organised between this time and that time; a full album is a serious and lengthy undertaking (traditionally, any where up to 15 songs, depending on length - CDs hold up to 80mins!), so this is not for the faint of disposition.

By purchasing this time to spend in the studio you're technically able to split it up any way you like, but it is highly recommend that you lock yourselves in to a week of hard recording, as this generally ensures focus and efficiency.

Payment plans can be arranged and direct contact with Van Leucia before commencement of the project is a must, as the necessary gear will need to be prepped for the mammoth sessions.

Services include:


All Access Gear Hire (every instrument, amp and piece of software will be at your disposal; yes, EVERY! Check the gearlist for a comprehensive look at what Van Leucia has in-studio)




All Stops Mixing (Analog EQ/Compression, spatial placement, digital FX, re-amping, drum replacement)


Mastering (seperate session required at no further cost, time is needed to rest the ears!) worth up to $500 (up to 10 songs, additional songs are charged extra)

Overtime is charged at $70/hr (if bought on sale)

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