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Piano/Keyboards, Guitar, Bass, Vocals - Solo, Accompaniment, and Sessions

Conservatorium Trained, Industry Experienced

Having performed internationally since an exceptionally young age as a classical pianist/guitarst, Van Leucia has since expanded his repertoire to musical theatre, jazz, latin, rock, metal, country, and many more genres. After successfully completing multiple competition circuits, Van was accepted to the Sydney Conservatorium of Music for Piano Performance (solo) and graduated in 2015 with a specialty in Accompaniment - the art of performing as an associate artist to a lead.

Discipline and Freedom

Despite his rigorous training, Van aspires to create the perfect mood and energy for the setting; whether that be elegance and refinement or brutal ferocity. Adaptation and improvisation is key to his process, and having performed for every type of event imaginable, from private birthday parties to stadium gigs, from weddings to funerals, Van Leucia ensures that every performance is completed professionally.

"Ever since I was a kid, I've been so lucky to have these opportunities to perform for so many people; it's my job to make sure the music and its intentions are communicated to the audience, young or old. I think so long as the energy is right, it doesn't matter if I'm using the finest technique or the most accurate reading. That being said, it definitely helps to hit the notes right, so I reckon I'll keep doing what I'm doing!"

Previous clients include...

Whether it's live solo performance or filling in for a bandmember, Van Leucia brings exactly what's needed to the stage and studio.

Van's own equipment features brands such as AKG, Shure, Music Man, Roland, Sire (Marcus Miller), Korg, Yamaha; perfect for whatever the needs of the gig.

Studio Solo Releases