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An era of visual arts, powered by sound


A melody rattling around the head can be infuriating, if not maddening. We can get it onto a page, ready to be performed by your choice of artist, with all the details needed to get it right.


The greatest composers were merited not just by their melodies and harmonies, but also by their orchestration. We can bring your music to life with the right arrangements, no matter the size or setup.

MIDI Realisation

Composition software is developing in so many ways, but the limitations of basic sample libraries undersell the quality of your work; let us feed your MIDI to our powerful sampling engines (Native Instruments, EastWest, UVI Workstation etc) to bring your scores into a whole new world.

Sound Design/Scoring

The world of content and media is evolving ever faster, and effective music, evocative sound design, and iconic sound effects all make up the essence of how people will remember your work; we can craft the perfect score, record and produce the sound fx, and even ensure Dolby Surround compatibility.

Howard Shore - Lord of the Rings, The Silence of the Lambs

"A lot of what a composer does has to do with storytelling, and there are different ways of fusing music with picture to express different storytelling ideas."

Our Recent Work


An evocative, nostalgic sci-fi soundtrack, made to revive the feelings of discovery and drama in space exploration

In the House of God

Introspective, prayer-like; composed after the 2019 New Zealand terrorist attack in solidarity

Every Trailer Soundtrack Ever

Initially improvised as a joke, this piece spiralled into a catch-all composition covering the vast majority of tropes heard in film trailer, from drama to action to horror.

Want more?

This is a playlist of some of the many works Van Leucia has created over the years that could be used in your visual work; get in touch to discuss creating the perfect underscore or theme for your needs!

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Whether it be jotting down to manuscript the idea you've had rattling around for ages or scoring your full-length film, Van Leucia can take care of all your musical needs.

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