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Van Leucia Official

Stage/Session Performance

With over 20 years of experience in music, learning, performing and accumulating techniques and styles, you can't (and shouldn't) go much further than hiring Van Leucia, whether it be for live entertainment of any genre, or if you've got a gig coming up and your guitarist just broke a finger!

Improvisation and composition are abilities Van has in wealth; when in the studio, Van has been known to produce effective, catchy and hard-hitting melodies for entire remixes or just to add some flavour to an already great bit of songwriting.


Accompaniment is more than just playing the notes in time. It's more than timing the singer's breath and definitely more than 'following the lead'. Van Leucia has a long list of performers who can testify to his innate understanding of the music's workings, and the importance of balance, both in volume and textural richness, alongside the control of leading ideas throughout the music. With a focus on the skill of sight-reading, matched with the insight to extract songs's meanings (including those in foreign languages) and bring them out in performance. Van has an expansive repertoire and is experienced working on English/Italian art song, German lieder, French chanson, and even Russian, Polish and Czech music.

Studio Production

All the hardware and software in the world can't compete with an amazing ear, they say, but what if you had both? Van's concentrated discipline in aural perception and adapted perfect pitch will get your mix to a radio-ready quality, using both outboard equipment and professional industry-leading software and plugins to sweeten the mix.

His studio mics include Octava (Neumann grade), AKG, Audio Technica, Superlux and many others 'in the closet', ready to pull out for each instruments/voices's frequency.

In the midst of it all, Van utilises multi-sampled instruments and synthesisers alongside programmable full-miced drums to help any artist achieve their goal in creating a full-fleshed track, even if they don't have the extra musos or instruments to bring to the table.


Went to a studio and recorded some tracks but can't afford the in-house engineer? Or just want your multi-tracks sweetened up even more? Everyone knows the key to an awesome song is a killer mix, and the only way it's going to be radio-ready is with killer mastering, too.

Van features a Dropbox for artists who want to send their files in for e-mixing/mastering, offering up to 3 drafts for their delectation and approval!

Recording/PA Equipment Hire

Thanks to an extremely generous endorsement from Swamp Industries and an equally beneficial agreement, Van Leucia features a wide range of recording and PA gear for hire from their professional stock!

Call in today for more information!


Every musician ends up teaching; that's a known fact and many choose to 'forget' it and continue playing until they lose sight of how to impart their knowledge and experience successfully onto the younger generation when they find themselves in that position.

Van Leucia has years of experience in teaching piano, guitar, music theory and aural perception to students from ages 4-25, himself having learnt much under the tutelage of acclaimed (legendary, really) musicians such as Judy Bailey, Phillip Shovk, Paul Rickard-Ford and Warren Thomson.


Got a song you really want to cover on the piano but don't know how to bring out all the melodies and chords? Found a soundtrack to a movie that you really wanna play at the next uni event? Or have you just got a midi track you've written that you reckon would sound amazing if played by a full orchestra?

Van's written/performed several transcriptions of his own of pop, rock, jazz and heavy metal tracks, and inversely, he'll produce your music from practically nothing. With several commissions under his sleeve(s), Van is ready to help realise your imagination.

Commissions for film soundtracks and feature songs are most welcome; below is a short film for which Van wrote, recorded and produced the entire soundtrack.

Musician's Database

Van Leucia maintains that every artisan deserves not only a job but the credit for it too; that's why he continually draws on his contact base, spread across Sydney Conservatorium of Music (the Con), Australian Institute of Music (AIM), Sound and Audio Engineering Institute (SAE), Sydney Improved Music Association (SIMA Jazz) and many other private sub-contractors and professional musicians.

Van's database includes (but is not limited to) pianists, singers (from opera to jazz), string, wind and horn (both classical orchestral and folk) musicians, guitarists, drummers, bassits, composers/arrangers, accompanists, sound engineers, producers and graphics designers.

Van Leucia accepts payment via Paypal, cash in hand or bank transfer.