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The Studio


'Measure once, cut twice' - the best songs in history have been meticulously written, rewritten, revised, and rewritten again. The key to making a good record starts with making good music, and here you'll have total freedom to explore your creativity!


This is where we take your ideas, put a mic in front of them, and hit the red button. Here we start really making those sounds that you've heard in your head come to life from the speakers, whether it's acoustic instruments, electronic synthesis or pure sound design.


The final, and arguably most sound-defining aspect of the process, where the recorded material is refined for clarity, energy, and punch, then shaped and presented in its best possible light, so it sounds good on every speaker, from the phone to the car to the headphones!

Tell 'em the price, son!

Studio time shouldn't cost an arm and a leg, and Van is determined to break the mould.



Minimum 2hr booking

Get started with all the gear you could need!

All gear included - mics, amps, house kit

Gear setup for first session

Solo songwriters to full bands

Take the time you need to craft a hit!




Minimum 1hr booking

That's it? Yep, that's it.

All gear included - mics, amps, house kit

Engineer's fee included in price

Analog hardware + Digital Plugins

Best of both worlds!




Per Track

Bundle your songs into an EP/Album for a deal!

Pristine analog/digital signal chain

Full CD/Streaming compliance

Industry-standard loudness and quality

Separates the amateurs from the pros!



Got your dream tone worked out (and even recorded some awesome takes) but want to have your audio run through the 'real deal'? Send us the files and we'll run them with the settings you want, and even if you're not sure what you need, we can provide advice based on your intended goal sound! From $10 per file.

Session Musician

Utilise Van Leucia's talents and discipline as an international touring session multi-instrumentalist - from country to death metal, from classical lieder to post-bebop jazz, Van's skills can be put to use to benefit your track in the absence of a bandmember or simply to make the idea you've got in your head 'work'! From $30-80/hr (scaled to content difficulty).


With numerous feature-length films, short artistic projects, and ADR projects under his belt, Van can ensure your visual work is brought to life with all the emotional impact it needs. From romantic underscoring to bone-chilling sound design, Van Leucia Productions can handle all stereo mixes and has the capacity for 5.1 Dolby surround.

Why Van Leucia Productions?

Experience Matters

With over 13 years working in the recording industry, 9 of which in operation of his own studio, Van Leucia guarantees a professional product you'll not only be ecstatic about, but a special, creative work that will continue to 'wow' people years into the future.

The Centrepiece

Featuring the premium 60i/o Fireface 802 interface from RME and 24-track Tascam US-2400 mixing desk, Van can track up to 30 inputs simultaneously into his Pro Tools 12 software, with 30 sends to outboard gear and headphone mixes.

Analog Vibe, Digital Precision

Using premium hardware (Neve, Universal Audio, Empirical Labs, Aphex, Dizengoff, ART Pro Audio, Swamp Industries) and industry-leading mixing and mastering plugins (Waves, Izotope, Slate Digital, Fabfilter), Van will ensure that you get as solid, punchy and clear a sound as is possible.

No gear - Never fear

Over the course of his performance and studio career, Van has curated a collection of equipment, instruments, and like-minded professionals; with class-act instruments from brands like Yamaha, Music Man, Roland, Korg, ESP, and more, you know that even the most old-school roots-based musician isn't going to want for resources.

Fairness first

Van Leucia has worked for all levels of the industry, from private gigs to international labels, and as a result, understands how that same industry can benefit one musician over another; that doesn't happen in this studio. Ever.